I am an astrophysicist studying star and planet formation, currently with the CAST group
at the University Observatory Munich.

My research usually involves using supercomputers to simulate the hydrodynamics and gravitational dynamics of star and planet forming regions, on scales ranging from single planetary systems to rich star clusters. I am particularly interested in the interface between gravitational N-body systems and the hydrodynamic initial conditions out of which they are born.


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PhD in Astrophysics

University of Colorado

"Massive stars, disks, and clustered star formation", advised by John Bally


MS in Astrophysics

University of Colorado



2012 – present

2009 – 2012

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2008 – 2009

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

University of St Andrews and University of Exeter


University Observatory Munich
Ludwig Maximilians Universität
Scheinerstraße 1
D-81679 München
Germany   ←not actually a great way to contact me
nickolas1 at gmail.com   ←best way to contact me @ nickolas1   ←tweets nixstreme2010   ←skype